Austin is the elder son of Ben and Lauren, the grandson of Janet, Richard, Ziggy, Elsie, nephew of Perry, Roxanne, Mercy, Rick, Shelby, Chloe, Alaina, best friend of, James, Austin, Andrew, Camryn, Noah P, Noah H, Zarmonei, London, Chris, Anthony, Jesse, Rande, Abbey, Gavin, Dane, Lincoln, the older brother of Butler, Sasha, Hoshi, younger brother of Churchie, the father of Finn

Ben Craig: Austin is Benjamin's son, he was shown sometimes to be abusive toward him, usually he yells and threatens and spanks him really hard. Lauren Quintana: Austin is Lauren's son, she has shown to be care alot to her son. Hoshi: Austin is her older brother, he meets her when he held her in his arms, Austin is shown kind and care for her. Churchie Edit