• Character Name: The name of the your character in the world.
  • Character Stats:The SPECIAL of your character.
  • Character Race: The race of your character. (Human, Ghoul)
  • Approx. age: Your characters age.
  • Character Personality: The personality your character has out in the wastes. At least one paragraph.
  • Character Appearance: What your IC character looks like. Describe, and if you want to, post a picture. Please make your written description be at least be three paragraphs.
  • Starting equipment: Basic, level one weapon and armor. You only get one set of armor, but you can have two different weapons. (A knife and a rifle, for example) if they are all relatively small (A knife, some grenades, and a handgun) Then you may carry three.
  • Character story: At least four paragraphs telling your characters back story. (NO, he wasn't enclave or BOS, and he didn't found any groups or have amazing abilities. Deal with it.)
  • Character strengths and weaknesses: What your character is good at? Is he a explosives expert? A science whiz? Is he just overwhelmingly lucky? Or some combination thereof. What isn't your character good at? Is he as agile as a rock? Just plain dumb? 2 paragraph minimum.
  • Up to three Traits: Look in the Traits page for info on them.

Before you ask... everyone starts at lvl. 1. Period. You cannot be a super mutant. Or Enclave member, Or member of the BOS. You are a wastelander. Maybe through you exploits you can one day JOIN one of the organizations in the fallout world. And no. You start with a lvl.1, weak equipment. Period.

And before you whine about it, all mods and admins also start at lvl. 1.

When you're finished with all of that post it here, and a mod or admin will evaluate your character for approval.

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