Executive Summary An nice introduction to the town, covers the key points at a glance.

Town DescriptionEdit

Using all our senses we have to show what the town is like to RP in and give people a reason to want to write here. We'll also talk about how the town operates and is defended and such here. We should also get a swaggy map, maps always seem to be helpful.

Town HistoryEdit

Set up and build a nice story about the town and how it fits into the larger setting.

Stores & ServicesEdit

What kind of a local economy is there? Where can people shop and what is available? Are there any NPCs that offer helpful services to the player?

Notable NPCsEdit

Important people that have not been mentioned yet and how they fit in with everything. Any settlement villains should definitely get a shout out. We can throw cool buildings in here as well.

The Surrounding AreaEdit

Is there anything cool close by? What is the aesthetics of the countryside around the site? Are there threats to worry about?