”The reason the way we used to live before the atomic fire fell is because of our sin! God wiped out all the sinful in an attempt to let the RIGHTEOUS live a new life in HIS glory! But, there are those who have forgotten his will! There are those who MUST be put to the stake, to the torch, to the end of our knifes and gun! GOD has CHOSSEN US to be his warriors! God has chosen us to be *the rest of the broadcast turns into statics*” – One of the many radio broadcasts made by ‘Repenters’

The Repenters are a group of religious fanatics formed only recently. Broken, beaten and trodden into despair, many people saw religion as the only comfort in there lives. Then, the Repenters took it too far. Claming that the rest of humanity, the ones who had given up on a higher beaten, were the dammed souls of the people before the war; that the unbelievers must be cleansed from the earth if they want to be removed.

Seeing themselves as warriors of god, Repenters swoop down from there safe houses and strong holds onto isolated caravans, people, and even small towns from time to time. They rarely take anything from the towns, believing it to be sinful. Most of the time, they simply burn it, or, destroy it. Instead, they make everything themselves. Over time, they managed to create some quality weapons and armor. Still, they have to use everything in moderation though because the process of making bullets is still unknown to them.

Despite them claiming a huge size, the Repenters are small in number. Generally they operate in bands of 8 or less, there a match for a small town with no permant defense force or a traveler that has poor gear. But up against a town with a trained militia or even a seasoned wanderer, then the Repenters are easily outmatched.

In short, the Repenters are dedicated, driven and stubborn. They are spread out across the Southern Wastes, mainly hiding in old churches outside of settlements. Unafraid of dying, they are willing to do everything in order to stop the ‘sinful masses’ from further ‘corrupting the earth’.