"It's what makes you, you."

I'm sure if you've read through the weapon and equipment sections, you've thought to yourself "I wish that was different" or "Aww man! It'd be cooler if it was more like..." Well don't worry. We've got you covered. When you've aquired a piece of equipment through one means or another, it'll use it's base name. "Rudimentary revolver" or "Leather armor". In general, this is what you'll put in your signature as your weapon/armor, and this is what you look up to get a general idea of what type of weapon it is. If other people want to know what your packing (although they can't know in-character un;ess their character spots it) they'll look this up too. No problem.

But wait! This thread is all about making your equipment unique. So it doesn't stop there. While you can keep your weapon the generic base type that is described in the equipment section, those are just that. Generic bases for your weapons. You are allowed to make your equipment look however you want it to, and work in just about any way you want it to, within' reason. Do you want that gun to have a cyndrilical magazine, or a standard straight one? Is it a bulpup design? Is the furniture (Butt, stock, ect.) wood, or metal? Is that barbed wire whip really a chain whip? What exactly does your leather armor look like? And what's it made of? How did he or she come to aquire these things?

By doing this, you can easily determine what base any weapon you can imagine would use. It doesn't have to be exact, but if the weapons share key traits, go ahead and modify it into whatever you want. For example, let's say you've fallen in love with the concept of a character weilding a cresent blade. Because of the weight and heft of it, a Sickle would fall under the catagory of the cleaver, while a full sized scythe would probably fall under a pike. While the technique is totally different, the fact their both polearms links them tighter then anything else.

These are all decisions your free to make, and I encourge you to do so. Jus tbe sure to put whatever the base is in parenthesis, and keep it somewhat within reason. And remember, nobody likes to RP with a totally generic character! Unique equipment can give characters that extra bit of flair, and in a post apocalyptic gear, two identical weapons or sets of clothing will probably be pretty damn rare.