1.) Always try to be polite. Common sense really.

2.) Try and use your best spelling and punctuation. At all times, not just in missions.

3.) Don't bring personal arguments into this public forum. Try to keep it in PM's folks.

4.)Do not post any pornography or picture showing extreme gore. It's just the rules. If you have to... maybe. Maybe we can work something out if you put a warning and just link to the picture. Talk to us first.


6.)No flaming. That is, no excessive arguments where one personally attacks another user.

7.) Don't harass someone by PM either.

8.) Don't argue with administrators/moderators over an issue if they say they are done discussing it. If you think you have violated in some way, then seek out another moderator/admin and tell them of the situation. Please don't do this every single time you don't like what a staff member has done. Quite frankly, that would just be a waste of our time.

9.) Metagaming: Just because your character is about to be attacked by a berserker with a chainsaw on a pole, who is currently charging around the hill, does not mean your character knows this. Thus, it is not a valid reason for them to be on the lookout for any berserkers with chainspears, nor is it a valid reason for them to be aiming at the hill, unless the chainspear is exceptionally noisy.

10.) Godmodding: Quite simply, when you make your character do the impossible (or something far enough out of reason that it is overly noticeable). If you wouldn't believe it in real life, don't post it. Go ahead and have your character fist-fight that raider, just don't have him taking on a gang of ten with ease.

11.) Puppeteer. A term I myself coined for when one user takes control of a different user's character without permission. it can be anything from having them turn around when they don't say that they do up to actually controlling what they say or do, or controlling significant physical actions. In general, avoid all types of puppeteering at all possible times. In some occasions, it may be best to PM the user and talk about ground rules before RPing with them. it is always their right to deny you control of their character.