(This is not related to the gulf coast collaborations, its simply a bit of administrative housekeeping.)

Homestead is a small farming community in Southern Louisiana. Its only famous for being that last stop for supplies before going into the swamps. As a result its a frequent stop for caravans heading down to Crescent Top. The local population is a self sufficient and industrious people. Unfortunately, the gene pool is a little shallow and only a few of the residents actually interact with the visitors. The severely inbred come out at night to do their farm chores where no one can see their deformities.

  • Seeing as this is such a small little community I was thinking that there shouldn't be a lot of conflict. I feel like we should be trying to make this a cool hangout. (MBP)
  • Agreed. Maybe there is a thick wooden palisade around the small homestead to protect then? In addition, in flavor text, we mention that they provide free food to vistors. (Hench)

Shop ideas - Overpriced trinkets sold to rubes under the guise of warding off swamper attacks, elixirs made from plants the swampers harvest that have a number of different chemical properties, custom crafting supplies built by the resident handyman.

Residents are named after wastes characters that are no longer with us.

  • We should probably start compiling a list of these guys on the talk page so we can be systematic about who gets a mention. Off the top of my head one system could be starting with players that are no longer with the site and prioritize those with higher post counts or were more influential on site culture in some way. Your Runs and Toastwolfs should get a shoutout first over some guy that was on the site for a week and quit after his first solo. (MBP)

The main trader and patriarch of the family who lives at Homestead, Papa Rob, has a verbal tic where he ends everybody sentence with a questionmark; somehow making even an order a question. (Hench)