A suprisingly well built, although hastily done building, Hooked came to be quickly after the days of termoil in Bucket town. Situated in the northwest corner of town, it's construction is rather sturdy for a reason. Hooked intends to be the first chem selling store in town, and it's solid adobe like construction may just be a trend setter.

When you first enter, you may just notice how simple the entire place is. A one room building, it's entrance simply a large cloth hanging over an open doorway. A smaller section inside of it is portioned off by simply constructed counters, made of the same adobe like material. Behind the counter, Scratch, sits, usually showing some sign of chem abuse, whether clenching her teeth from Strongman mints or jittering after a whole pack of afterburner.

With boyishly short, platinum hair and dark, 'thick' eyes, her constant mood could probably be called 'self involved' or 'vaguely disinterested'. With a long labcoat doubling as a makeshift dress, ripped sleeves, and an odd tattoo on her right arm, she doesn't seem to look very much like a doctor nor a chem seller.

Her supplier and boss, a vain arab man going by the name Ali Bin Ali is known to occasionally come down to bring in a new shipment, and he runs the entire chem trade in and around Buckettown. With a few recipes for making close or perfect imitations to some chems, a few signature brews of his own, and a line of connections good enough to salvage a few others, he keeps the place well stocked. While Ali always claims to be inches away from making connections for some more 'hardcore' chems, if that'll ever happen is yet to be seen.

If you're looking to buy or trade chems, Scratch is the girl to see, and although Ali himself has tried to enforce a sort of age limit, she is easily persuaded to sell her materials to anyone who wanders in, no questions asked. And if you just happen to be one of those that wanders in, this is what she'll be offering.

Rydrenalin patches- 2 hides

Strongman mints - 2 hides

Afterburner gum - 2 hides

Mentats - 3 hides

Faratine capsules - 3 hides

Buffout - 2 large hides