"That's the old passage to Houston. We don't go there anymore."
—Sgt. Tim Baker Texas Rangers

200 years after the bombs fell civilization began to take root in the wasteland. Towns and cities began to be reclaimed and man began to reassert himself as master of his dominion. The city of Houston has stubbornly held on to the worst of the wild wasteland. It was directly hit with several nuclear devices and it shows no hurry to recover. All attempts to tame it thus far have failed miserably. It's a gigantic ultra confusing sprawl. Trying to even navigate through it is difficult it and it's so large there are hundreds of small pockets of warring who knows whats. A regular  cartographers nightmare, a place so vast men have gotten lost for decades. Those that do emerge from the sprawl note that the dead are used for directions by the crazies tough enough to call this mess home. Odd bits of clothing make effective substitutes for written signs, one cannibal noted on the corner of green boots and red jacket.

This article is open for all suggestions, let's make this a place of nightmares.

- Houlats