Sit down, pull down up a chair and let me tell you the story of Houston Miller.

Houston Miller is a man of chance. He likes to bet on the long-shot and take it all home. He's easily swayed by games or bets but keeps his own with a cunning savvy. Despite his old-country attitude and willingness to blow money on games of chance, Houston is what could be called a genius. He certainly doesn't talk smart, no big words, but through hard work, natural talents and a few good books, Houston is a master of math, statistics and calculating chance. He'll think hard before taking a bet, run the calculations through his head fast as a computer but often go with whatever suits his fancy or just feels right.

He's hardly ever seen without his watch in his hand, an old pocket watch and highly engraved. The silver metal finish had been worn and faded by Houston's constant handling but it's no doubt valuable and it is the one thing in this world that Houston will not gamble with. He'd bet his dick before that watch.

Pretty much, Houston likes to gamble big, win big. He's a smart man but easily swayed into betting by promise or fancy. He's not easy to trick and can play mindgames and smell a rigged bet with the best of them.

He is also technically the mayor of Bucket Town.

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