Although the origins of its name are hazy at best, one can only assume this large conglomeration of separate raider bands originated with what was once an organization of schoolteachers and educators. They’ve remained more or less true to their roots, pillaging and plummeting for a living. Although other gangs and groups of raiders certainly exist, and even often outnumber members of the Louisiana Board of Education, they often like the coordination and hierarchy of the Louisiana Board’s members, or “Lobbers” as they’ve been named by local homesteaders and caravaneers off of their acronym.

Mainly operating in northern Louisiana, Lobbers are known to focus on a handful of different efforts to raise currency from within the organization, and as you’d guess, they mostly focus on preying on others for their income. Working under what they tend to call a “bossman” system, the Louisiana Board of Education separates into multiple separate gangs, each with their own Boss. Different gangs are formed together under a so called “Big boss”. Big Bosses, in turn, take orders from the “Big bossman”, the overall leader of the Lobbers. Although most gangs go about business in their own ways, in general, they cotton to the orders of their superiors.

The simplistic system of organizing works well, however, and although different gangs usually seek out their own interests, together the Lobber’s system is utilitarian, although rudimentary. Of course, as a whole, the Lousiana Board of Education tends to spotlight two different operations. The raid or extortion of small communities and towns for profit, and the operation of different toll roads and check points that otherwise hustle traveling traders out of money. Although one would assume the Lobbers are a universally hated group, this isn’t altogether true. While lawmen and merchants generally see them as scourge, able bodied fighters and rebellious types often look at them romantically, and even some savvy merchants can’t help but admit it’s quite the profitable organization.

Outlaws often seek them out for haven, and many small time raiders, upstart kids and mercenaries join them in hopes of making a better living.