Its all too easy to discount the mutated people's of the wasteland but when the oppressed join together the results can be terrifying. The NAAMP is a shadow of its former self, a once mighty faction receding into the pages of history. Information about this group is spotty and unreliable but any old timer ghoul would tell you that these mutants were hell back in the day. Today one would still be foolish to pick a fight with this faction, especially because they have little to offer. The NAAMP can longer claim to hold its own with the larger powers of the wasteland, but its not looking for a fight with those groups either. The NAAMP of today advocates peaceful reconciliation with the rest of humanity and a home for all of the wasteland's unwanted.

One of the first groups to arise from the ashes of the nuclear holocaust, the NAAMP was a beacon of hope and freedom from violence and prejudice for all the genetically different of the wasteland. Separated from the rest of society the NAAMP had to look internally for resources and trade. In the confusion of the constant civil wars and collapsing state governments that followed the blast, the NAAMP began an aggressive campaign of territorial expansion. In the early days of the group, the goal was a self sustaining mutant state, that excluded the unmutated inferior humans.