A tribe of cannibalistic Egyptian themed savages that occupy a set of ruins a few days east of Bucket Town. Little is known about this group as few people return from meeting with them. The leader of the group is known as the Big Skull. His tribe constructs large pyramids and his warriors are seen using weapons made from bone and animal skin armor.

Appearances thus farEdit

The most notable moment for the tribe was during a failed attempt to invade Bucket Town. A recovered communications device revealed that the Redskulls were teaming up with the Signbacks to sack and pillage the town. The recording was as follows.

(Todays date) We bought out the whole group of tribals. They call themselves the 'redskulls' or some ridiculous shit. They have a big camp set up in a boneyard a few days from BT. Linley came back missing a few digits, but he said he can lead the cannibal rabble to the east as a throng of shock troopers. They'll happily help us clear out the less reasonable tribes, and BT itself. With the splinter group of 'signbacks' as you call them to the west, we'll take it all in one great sweep. A weeks worth of marching these barbarians and we'll have the entire area cleared clean.

The password on further messages will be changed to "posies". We have to plan well. Start moving your men towards BT in four days. I've spoken to Linely, who'll use his 'shock troops' to clear out the surrounding tribes, and I will personally move through to wipe up the mess.

Godspeed, Farlen.