As anyone who has played fallout knows, these games support subjective morality. There is right and wrong, sure, but right and wrong are measure differently. Reputation measures how right or wrong you've been in your life, based on the opinions of local groups and settlements. Reutation is tracked in the wastes, and it may effect you, like it or not. When you first register a character, you start with a rating of 0 Reputation for all settlements. 0 Reputation is dead Neutral. Nobody Knows about you, and nobody cares either way, because well... you haven't done anything of note. Negative numbers are NEGATIVE Reputation. You get them for doing acts considered wrong or oopposing a paticular group. Murder, robbery, harassment, preventing commerce from coming into town, anything like that. Positive numbers are positive Reputation. You get them for acts considered good. Honesty, aiding the needy, protecting the weak, securing caravan routes, ect. You are only awarded reputation when it is within the realm of possibility that others know or could learn of your act, because it honestly doesn't make sense any other way.

Neutral points are awarded when you do something that, well, keeps you out of it. You refuse to pick sides. No matter what. By being particularly Neutral in everything you do, you can also get reputation points. Although, they are represented by 0, 00, and 000.

Reputation is awarded in the same way everything else is. At the end of missions. If you do something good or bad based on the beliefs of the locals, you might just get good or bad reputation. As you get nearer to the extremes, people are much more likely to know of your acts, and react accordingly. (By same merit, you may find it useful to include it in your signature)

Every different settlement has a different reputation scale, and they often can work together or opposite eachother.

Reputation Scale:

500:You are a true hero in this town or group. You comment selfless acts for the good of others, and they come before your own needs. Usually reserved for war heroes, well liked governing figures, and the extremely kind or helpful. The maximum good reputation rating.

400:You are a very good person. You help others, in this settlement as often as you can, and people are really starting to take note.

300: You are a do gooder. You tend to try to work for the good of the people.

200: You've made your way up to errand boy! Nothing paticularly of note, but you've probably done some mildly helpful acts for the town to get where you are now.

100: A step in the right direction. You attempt to do the good thing when it's an option, and some people might have muttered about your actions. Minor good acts like helping the poor or being polite may eventual earn you this title.

000:People who follow different sides are stupid and foolish. You make it a point to avoid dangerous, stupid extremes, and you're well known for it. This level of neutrality is usually only reserved for judges, and other people who make fair, unbiased decisions, ever time.

00: You try to keep your nose out of it. When offered choices, you purposely try to keep away from extremes, although at this point it is not paticularly well known. Purhaps your the man who's known for walking away from countless fights?

0: You've just been dropped into the wastes. Weather you are a hero or villain is yet to be seen.

-100: Your a jerk. When given the chance, you often attempt to do the wrong thing for the settlement or group. Maybe you're just pushy and impolite. Maybe you got in a few fights, or hung with the wrong people.

-200:Your meaner then the normal person. You do the wrong thing, and have no qualms about benefiting from others downfall. While still not an enemy of the town, by any means, at this point you're known as a ruffian, criminal, or generally unkind person.

-300: Your a ne'er do well. You try to work for yourself and yourself alone, although that's not all your capable of. At least, that's what the people think. At this point, it's likely you've not just been unkind or criminal, but have actively worked against the conceived good of the settlement.

-400:Now things are starting to get heated. Other then the right criminals or other people of ill repute, you likely have very few friends in this paticular town.

-500: You are a true Villain. The majority of people likely hate you now, and for good reason. To get to this point, you've probably been doing very, very bad things to the town. Attacking it, running a full blown criminal orginization, or working for the opposite side consistantly. Maximum bad reputation rating.