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A group of roughly 55 tribals in Southern Texas, the Sokol Tribe made their living primarily through subsistence farming and herding supplementing their foodstocks by hunting and gathering as necessary. The Sokol Tribe was formed from a collection of neighbors who fled the growing chaos of Houston following the aftermath of the Great War who managed to settle in a fairly arable area.

As they settled down and others trickled in and joined the community, the Sokol Tribe became less of a community of refugees and an outright tribe. It was known for the Latin names it bestowed upon it's children and it's fairly peaceful nature. The Sokol Tribe, in the words of a nearby farmer, "didn't really bother nobody and didn't want nobody to bother them."

The Sokol Tribe was led by Chief Gaius Rammer and Shaman One Eye. The Chief of the tribe was responsible for the day to day running and organization of the tribe while the Shaman, in addition to dealing with the spiritual and medical needs of the tribe, dealt with the long-term planning and issues of the tribe. The dual-leadership style had occasionally led to some problems in the past (especially when there is a pressing issue and there is disagreement between the two leaders) it was fairly successful.

The rest of the tribe was split up between a multitude of family's who all lived in the Village. The houses were actually half-buried into the ground, in order to provide a measure of insulation from the heat of the wasteland. The village was the hub of the tribes social life. The tribe had long ago developed their own language which, to the average English speaker, was far more guttural and relied on more "sounds" such as clicking their tongues, barking, and slapping parts of their body.

Eight years before the current year, ranchers from the Olivetti ranch (One of the largest brahmin ranches in the area) found the need to expand their operations. After attempting to buy out the Sokol Tribe of their land and then being refused several times, even after far beyond generous prices, attempted to forcibly evict them from their home. A fight broke out and the Olivetti ranchers beat the poorly equipped tribals quite handily. They put the village to the torch and proceeded to execute and bury any survivors left.

Only one member of the Sokol Tribe, Otho Si, survived.