The seven regions1
The current wastes collaborative effort is to populate the Gulf Coast Region of Texas. Texas is a massive State with different regions. Bucket Town is on the eastern border of the Prairies and Lakes region. Big Brown, the next settlement to the east falls into the Piney Woods region. This area could use some revamping as well but I think our site needs a breath of fresh air right now. So I'm suggesting we embark on fleshing out the Gulf Coast region to the south of Bucket Town and all of the little hubs within the Prairies and Lakes Region.

The Gulf CoastEdit

Being closer to the ocean the Gulf Coast is a bit different from the prairie region that Bucket Town inhabits. The Gulf Coast has higher levels of rainfall that makes agriculture more successful. Better crops mean higher populations and better levels of affluence, at least compared to Bucket Town. Nothing crazy, this is still a post apocalyptic wasteland. The feeling in this region is closer to the old south than the western vibe of Bucket town.

Getting StartedEdit

Gulf coast1
This image shows the prewar areas in the area we're looking to fill in. Use this as inspiration but don't feel obligated to just ape what is already there. Bucket town is one of the best towns we have and its not really based on anything specific. Look at our Basic Town Template while you are planning to make sure the basics are covered. The template is meant to be helpful and aid you in your planning. Feel free to go beyond it if your concept warrants it.