In the glowing embers of atomic war, many survivors regressed to their basic instincts. Murder, theft, debauchery and savagery ran rampant. While some were naturally excluded from this, they found themselves terrorised by those who were part of it. Raiders, the ultimate predators of the Wasteland, did whatever they wanted to whenever they wanted to, and there were no formulated efforts against them. Everyone was looking after their own turf, but what about the common man? Nobody stepped in to defend him. That was the case until 2234, when Charles Walker decided that enough was enough.

He gathered like-minded people from various settlements in the former commonwealth of Texas and with them at his back, formed the Texas Rangers. No longer would Raiders do as they pleased. No longer would those Confederate bastards continue their sick kidnapping scheme. With their signature stupid-looking hats worn proud atop their heads, and the somewhat stereotypical shotguns on their backs, these valiant, heavily accented men and women strive without end in their quest to establish order in the Wasteland. They do this by ruthlessly executing key figures in the less desirable communities, offering copious amounts of goods for the heads of crooks. Whether they are heroes or self-righteous assholes is dependent on who you're asking.

Currently occupying the eastern border of Texas in it's entirety, the Texas Rangers stand true to their name, patrolling for raiders and ruffians wherever and whenever they can. Half bounty hunters and half do-gooders, the Rangers have even recently managed to make trade routes in their territory safe and build enough stocks to offer prices on the heads of handfuls of different criminals.

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