The wasteland can be a strange, harsh, unforgiving place. If technology could make your life easier, hell, eventually, everyone's life easier, even by the very slightist degree, wouldn't it be a valuble effort to perserve it, and even continue the innovative work of the past? To create, and to explore what we, as a race, may be capable of? This single thought, spoken alloud by it's founder, is what shaped and formed every aspect of the university. "The University" as a faction was named after it point of origin and founding, which is curiously also only referred to as "The University"

It's founding members and higher power structure are very much shrowded in mystery, although much of the organization is. After all, most of the members are far too busy studying the achievments of the past or out scientifically researching the gritty realities of the present. The University is one of the most diverse and varied of all southern factions, and one of the most technologically advanced. Having stable crops (However mutated by the horrors of radiation) and limited industrail capabilities, enough to keep large numbers of robots running and working for the university. While anything but warlike, the university is well equiped, and is therefore capable of defending itself and it's recources. Most of the time, when a large pre-war relic of scientific value is found, the University will send a team of researchers, clad in their signature labcoats, equiped with well repaired and replaced weaponry and tools and with robotic helpers, to explore any possibilities for study or use back at the universities stronghold.

Their open acclaimation of technological goods and pre-war equipment obviously often puts them at odds with the brotherhood, although the University doesn't have near the military might that the Brotherhood wields, and chooses it's battles wisley. Currently, the University is mainly concerned with it's own enternal research, and therefore unable and unintereseted in obtaining much more power or land then it already holds. Luckily for the University, eager young recruits are easy to come by, although few stand up to their high standards of education and intelligence. The university is one of the richest factions of the wastes, being a producer of rare equipment, medical supplies, and even ammunition on a small scale, and as such, is often willing to hire large groups of mercenary's to help secure it's interests.

Loosely, the third strongest military power, the Universities tactics are very situational, although they have a permenant core of mercenary elite. Rather then modeling strategy on tactics of the past, the University's military is a cobbeled together mix of post-war mercenary tactics.

It is also interesting to note, that as of yet, the University is the only organization who has managed to make a semi-accurate calander and to keep track of the current year, along with important events post-war.