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Come and rest your head, weary travler and hear a story of desperation, desolation and of course hope. The Wastes is a small but very active community of Roleplayers who love what they do. Roughly based in the Fallout universe, The Wastes has really come into it's own and it has it's own feel and tone.
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Latest News From the WastelandEdit

Organization information:

  • The Confederate Remnant and the Southern Brotherhood of Steel are at war!
  • The Texas Rangers and the Louisiana School Board have entered talks towards a more

permanent treaty.

  • The University and the Southern Brotherhood of Steel are now at war!
  • The Tribes and the Confederate Remnant are currently allied.

The War continues!

News from the front of the Brotherhood - Confederate war is at a slow trickle now, with Confederate borders tight and travel to the west limited by the war effort. After repeated rumors that the Confederate Remnant was settling into another series of failed defensive effort there is finally good news for confederate sympathizers!

A joint effort of Confederate scouts and tribal warriors successfully traveled deep into Brotherhood territory and intercepted vital supplies headed south to the Brotherhood front.

While efforts to resupply seem behind scheduled and disorganized from the SBOS, confederate conscripts are enjoying fresh food courtesy of their enemy for the first time in a long time.

Brotherhood Bandits

Unfortunately for the citizens of the confederacy and the barons whom run some of their northernmost states, stranded Brotherhood knights are now reported to be ravaging the countryside in an effort to stay fed. While debt troops try desperately to isolate the group, farmers and small villages are reportedly being overrun and burned as these stranded Brothers travel the Remnant countryside.

Joint state, joint ventures?

In an even more exciting turn, the first news from the Arkansas-Mississippi joint state may be on the way. Although trade still seems to be closed indefinitely, rumors are circulating that some sort of agreement has been made between the xenophobic state and the University.

Although little is actually known, eye witnesses claim that various Joint state forts have been visited by University researchers. It is known that the Joint State has been buckling over in the wake of famine in many of it's smaller outposts and smart campfire talk will say that it's possible they've reached out in an attempt to alleviate the stress of hunger on it's citizens in one way or another.


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