Cewebwalz: Is magic something given by the gods, a free flowing form of energy, some sort of force esque midichlorian bullshit?
Cewebwalz: Are you born with it?
Cewebwalz: Or is it gained through training, hard work, determination, etc.
OvaltinePatrol:  Well, I had this notion that magic is something inherent in the creation of the world, left behind in different forms by the Polar Dragons
OvaltinePatrol:  there's different avenues of tapping into and exploiting it, none of which are uniformaly understood
Cewebwalz: And let's say with more use/understanding you get more of the well flowin' through you or something like that.
OvaltinePatrol:  It's more like, with sufficient willpower, determination, and imagination you can figure out a way to get the magic.
OvaltinePatrol:  From there, your method can be shared.
Cewebwalz: So, there are different schools of thought on the matter and such
OvaltinePatrol:  So a wizard in his tower who thinks drilling holes in his head and dancing naked on the night of the full moon will get him power is right

OvaltinePatrol: But that’s not the true official method

OvaltinePatrol:  Yeah, schools of thought but not actual schools per se
OvaltinePatrol:  people tend to not share this information lightly
Cewebwalz: So we might have budding philosophers running around
OvaltinePatrol:  There's some definite shortcuts though.
OvaltinePatrol:  I think magic should either be very subtle, or very sweeping; but not just a stand-in for a tool
Cewebwalz: So, like a LOTR thing, where Gandalf's either fucking around with boat smoke circles or tackling fire demons?
OvaltinePatrol:  Making storm clouds appear, flying, speaking to animals, hypnotising peoplle = yes
OvaltinePatrol:  Yeah, Gandalf is a decent example
OvaltinePatrol:  I was reading a hypothetical D&D setting based on exploiting the rules where magic is used on an industrial scale to create utopian societies
OvaltinePatrol:  I want to avoid that kind of an extrapolation of our magic
OvaltinePatrol:  "If I get my ducks in a row, I can mass produce magic swords!" = no


8:12OvaltinePatrolYo.8:12Cerebral plagueThis is pretty fancy

   Do the logs save?8:12OvaltinePatrolI took the liberty of not telling FB8:12LMGVagabondIt's all secret and such
   Thanks8:12OvaltinePatrolbecause I don't know him from adam
   I don't think the logs save8:12Cerebral plagueHmmm, have to copy paste then
   No problem8:13OvaltinePatrolWhenever the 40K guys think someone they've been talking shit about is going to enter the chat, they like to pussy out and put a stream of text so they don't get caught8:13Cerebral of text?8:13OvaltinePatrolEspecially in regards to Viva. I taught them to tell him shit directly to his face
   Like so: arefguarf
   and so on8:13Cerebral plagueThat's8:13OvaltinePatrolto make the old text go away8:13Cerebral plagueextremely dissapointing8:14OvaltinePatrolOnly people who were already here could scroll up and see the old text8:14Cerebral plagueAnyway, LMG is a fanon admin? Didn't even know8:14LMGVagabondI might be on and off afk8:14Cerebral plagueIt's alright8:14OvaltinePatrolHe's a chat mod8:14LMGVagabondI was at a time
   OH YEAH8:14Cerebral plagueAlright, onto zany forum8:14OvaltinePatrolAnyways, about making a fantasy forum8:14Cerebral plagueI might change the name, btw8:14OvaltinePatrolwe can keep your current system
   That's fine.
   Or do you prefer a new system?8:15Cerebral plagueit was always planned
   The old system doesn't seem bad to me8:15OvaltinePatrolOk cool, then lets keep it8:15Cerebral plagueMakes the characters pretty balanced
   The Five B's8:15OvaltinePatrolDo you use a similar grading to the wastes or MRPG?8:15Cerebral plagueI'm thinking The Wastes
   But with a faster progression system8:16LMGVagabondAgreed8:16Cerebral plagueAnd the fallout esque market of The Waste
   to be replaced with a sprawling system depending on the city
   Also, I lack an image.
   br b8:16OvaltinePatrolI google image searched "arid plains"8:17LMGVagabondYus8:17OvaltinePatrolIn my mind's eye, the generic terrain resembles a mix of the American great plains, the Asian steppes, and the serengeti8:18LMGVagabondYeah, I was thinking of the GP8:18OvaltinePatrolI could whip up an MSPaint map. It wouldn't be fit to use on the forum, but it could serve as a visual aid
   while we make shit up8:19Cerebral plagueAlright
   I can dig8:19LMGVagabondAs can I8:19Cerebral plaguebrb, logging in and out
   Cerebral plague has left the chat.
   Cerebral plague has joined the chat. 8:19Cerebral plagueAlright!8:19LMGVagabondMaybe water is scarce, and wars are waged over bodies of water8:21OvaltinePatrolThat factors in to why civilization is so tight
   all the sane cities are along a single river
   and they can only irrigate so far8:21LMGVagabondYus8:22Cerebral plagueWell put8:22LMGVagabondafk yaws8:22OvaltinePatrolThere's two specific "insane" cities, for lack of a better term8:22Cerebral plagueSo it's a very Nile esque area, or more of?8:22OvaltinePatrolYes! Good way to describe that
   There's Sadar, city of the Corpse Kings: Mummy Pharaohs who make use of zombie labor
   and Quelosq, city of Waves. It initially appears normal, but it's basically Shadow Over Innsmouth writ large
   people mating with horrible alien fish people in exchange for treasure from beneath the sea8:24Cerebral plagueJesus.
   So, three or four cities?
   And along different parts of the river the nearby fauna, wildlife, and such changes considerably8:25OvaltinePatrolIf I recall correctly, I had outlines for 3-4 sane cities, 2 insane cities, and some tribes8:25Cerebral plagueOr is it stable?8:25OvaltinePatroland some ruined cities8:26Cerebral plagueAre the cities allied, or are they at each others throats?8:26OvaltinePatrolI imagined the ecosystem being kind of screwed up. You've got Cthulhu worshiping madmen releasing alien beings into the wild. The merchant clans of Hakeshar like importing exotic animals8:26LMGVagabondTell me when we get to races, I like talkin' bout races 8:26OvaltinePatrolthe priests of Gozenram protect spiders and breed mutant spiders so extensively that the suckers eat the local birds8:27LMGVagabondBut once more, AFK8:27OvaltinePatrolThe sane cities avoid open war as much as possible
   but there's skirmishes
   and it's not too difficult to provoke a full war8:27Cerebral plagueAh, so it's like that island nation that's pretty much desolate of birds because of the imported snakes and spiders?8:27OvaltinePatrolAround Gozenram, yeah.8:27LMGVagabond
   AFK8:28OvaltinePatrolpretty...there's mountains in the south; that's the source of the river.8:28Cerebral plagueDoes it flow into an ocean, or just sort of die out?8:28OvaltinePatrolIt flows into the ocean. Again, like the Nile.
   Gozenram is the coastal port
   Quelosq is also on the coast, but not on the river8:29Cerebral plagueSo, in order of descent, it's Gozenram, Quelosq, then Sadar?
   I scrolled up
   disregard that8:31OvaltinePatrolGozenram is northernmost, on the coast. Following the river down it's Hakeshar, some other city, and then Mivon
   Sadar is also in the south, but off the river8:31Cerebral plagueMivon is one of the sane cities?8:31OvaltinePatrolyeah, the City of Iron8:31Cerebral plagueBecause of, let me guess, Iron mines, or is there something deeper at the etymology?8:32OvaltinePatrolthey're a paranoid warrior culture that protects the plains from the tribes of mountain barbarians and monsters
   the mines play into the name as well, but iron dominates their architecture and culture
   their lord is The King in Iron, etc.8:33Cerebral plagueHmmm, I can dig it. Religion can get worked on later, but just from the city descriptions we can get a rough sketch of how their deities will play.8:33LMGVagabondCould players become rulers of some of these places?8:33Cerebral plagueAre you looking at a more magical setting, or is it more grit and low stuff?8:33OvaltinePatrolGozenram has the Spider, Hakeshar has the Bull
   the Corpse Kings worship themselves and Quelosq basically has Cthulhu
   there's magic, but not "magic as technology"
   it's not there to benefit the little guy
   You don't go to a store and buy a magic wand or sword.8:35Cerebral plagueThe old setting used that a bit more.
   So no wizards running around?8:36OvaltinePatrolThey tend to be "sorcerer in the tower" types, usually not good but not necessarily evil.8:36Cerebral plagueK, a bit higher tier than the player base8:37OvaltinePatrolYeah. A player might be an apprentice out on long term gigs
   But magic is something you devote your life too, doesn't leave a lot of room for adventuring
   alternately Priests get some magic from making sacrifices8:38LMGVagabondI want to bring hedge wizards into the equation8:38Cerebral plagueSo are the gods, well, tangible?8:38OvaltinePatrolBut if you wanted a magic sword, your best bet is getting the nicest sword you can and then stabbing some mystic beast through the heart8:38Cerebral plagueI can dig that RP wise.8:39OvaltinePatrolThe gods are real, but amoral.8:39LMGVagabondAs can I8:39OvaltinePatrolThe priests maintain their power by maintaining ignorance8:39Cerebral plagueHeh.8:39OvaltinePatrolanyone could make the appropriate sacrifices and rituals, but nobody but the priests know how
   the priests make up their own dogmas too, the Gods don't generally care about that stuff.8:40Cerebral plagueThat gives some pretty wide player potential base wise, if that makes sense.8:41OvaltinePatrolelaborate please8:41Cerebral plagueA player who wants to be a priest
   Can play it any way he wants too
   So it gives some inspiration idea wise to anyone who wants to play priests?"
   If that makes sense.8:41OvaltinePatrolah I see
   yeah, it' easy for a priest to get away with a lot, because it's more like Scientology than Judaism/Christianity/Islam
   the rules aren't there for everyone to read
   and you don't get the whole truth until you reach the highest rank
   working on the map8:46LMGVagabondI can dig8:48Cerebral plagueI might enlist some junior graphic designers
   via free labor and an interesting concept for them to work with8:48OvaltinePatrolNice!8:49Cerebral plagueYeah, this forum seems pretty talented8:49LMGVagabondCP es un heroe8:49Cerebral plagueLets just hope someone with a bit of stylistic flair comes to help8:50OvaltinePatrolAs for races, when I ran this for Pathfinder it had all the standard stuff
   but we could make our own8:51Cerebral plagueI think we're creative enough to roll our own
   But then again8:51LMGVagabondAs do I agree so forth
   Homosursussus has joined the chat. 8:51OvaltinePatrolThere's at least humans, and the horrible human-fishman hybrids8:51Cerebral plagueI'm pretty sure we'd just be stealing from path finder + the rest of the pen and paper anyway8:51Homosursussusbuddies8:51OvaltinePatrolyo!8:52LMGVagabondHomo!8:52Cerebral plagueI'll save this around 9:15
   put it on that chat save place who's name I forget
   Or maybe send a round of PM
   PM's* on The Wastes8:53LMGVagabondNotepad it brah
   OH WAIT8:53HomosursussusYou talking about the Wastes Wiki8:53OvaltinePatrolI'm going to upload my shitty MSPaint map, brb8:53Cerebral plaguek8:53LMGVagabondWe're revamping ToM8:53Cerebral plagueNah8:53Homosursussus plagueActually
   Yes, The Wastes wiki will suffice
   Good idea MBP-bro
   My fellow modegator8:54HomosursussusIts the storage bin for all my Fallout related stuff
   Its also where I work on code and such8:54OvaltinePatrolFile:Settingsketch.png8:55HomosursussusNow is all of this site canon, or OP inventing stuff8:55OvaltinePatrolI've been sharing a setting I made for an old Pathfinder game
   We've been talking about making a fantasy forum game8:56Cerebral plagueOP and us are brainstorming/reinventing old ideas/straight stealin'8:56HomosursussusBased on Egypt if I'm not mistaken8:56OvaltinePatrolit's based on Egypt and the old Middle East
   with some Lovecraft for good measure8:57HomosursussusI saw that
   Cerebral plague has left the chat. 8:57LMGVagabondThat's some kickass Paint work, OP8:58OvaltinePatrolAny suggestions?8:59LMGVagabondMaybe somewhere there's never ending plains fires, but the're all sorts of divine treasures there
   Like, eternal fires created by the gods8:59HomosursussusI'm a fan of the entire Mediterranean myself, I don't know the scope you are aiming for but a little southern Europe and Asia Minor would be nice9:00OvaltinePatrolDefinite "expansion pack" material
   This is part of a larger, shared setting that me and a couple of other guys worked on9:00LMGVagabondAh9:01OvaltinePatrolIt's part of an Endless World. We don't quite agree on how it works.9:01HomosursussusThere seems to be an unnamed star and how is Sadar a city so far away from a water source
   Cerebral plague has joined the chat. 9:01OvaltinePatrolSadar is the city of the Corpse Kings: Mummy Pharaohs using Zombie labor9:01Cerebral plagueThe laptop battery died while I wasn't paying attention9:02Homosursussusokay, I get that9:02LMGVagabondGet your head in the game, CP9:02Cerebral plagueLMG
   /OP9:02OvaltinePatrolI actually forgot the name of the city between Mivon and Hakeshar9:02LMGVagabondJus9:02Cerebral plagueCopy and paste this convo soon
   Jus could be a cool city name?9:03LMGVagabondI agree9:03OvaltinePatrolMore than open to having one of you guys name it
   Are you suggesting Jus?9:03HomosursussusManbearpigland9:03LMGVagabondThat was just a perverted hybrid of Ja and Yus9:03HomosursussusManbearpigoria9:03OvaltinePatrol9:03LMGVagabondBut it does sound pretty good EYE EM OH9:03OvaltinePatrolI like Jus more than Manbearpigtopia or whatever9:04LMGVagabondOr The Homos Isle9:04HomosursussusEl Suef9:04LMGVagabondIn honor of MBP9:04HomosursussusSumus Fashn9:04LMGVagabond's lesser used name9:04OvaltinePatrolI like those9:04HomosursussusBan el Matay9:04OvaltinePatrolless fond of that one9:05LMGVagabondMooshkoosh9:05Cerebral plagueWhat's the setting of Jus like?9:05OvaltinePatrolshall we vote on Jus, El Suef, or Sumus Fashn?9:05Cerebral plagueTHe names a work in progress9:05HomosursussusAbu' TanQusiy9:06OvaltinePatrolIt's the city of Lanterns, it's got a strong tradition of scholarship9:06Cerebral plagueEl Abhed
   Sabbah9:06HomosursussusIsa Disuq9:06LMGVagabondOr maybe a safe haven, kind of like Bucket Town, except we make it boring so everyone doesn't crowd there9:07OvaltinePatrolBasically it's where intellectuals ran off to in order to escape being spied on by spiders all day, or winding up in an arena9:07HomosursussusMit Rhamnr9:07OvaltinePatrolthat one makes me think of Mitt Romney9:07Cerebral plagueKefhak9:07HomosursussusBarack Obmer9:07Cerebral plagueI am thinking of vaguely Arabic phrases and translating them to English text
   which is kind of not working out for me too well9:08LMGVagabondI agree9:08Cerebral plagueSabbah means "sunrise" in Arabic.9:08HomosursussusAl Damiet9:08OvaltinePatrolLMG, Jus (or whatever we're calling it) could be the boring, safe haven9:08Cerebral plagueI'm liking Jus
   Maybe we double that u9:08OvaltinePatrolit has a less homicidal culture than the other cities9:08Cerebral plagueJuus
   A three letter name in a fantasy setting is suicide yo9:08OvaltinePatrolwhy's that?9:09HomosursussusHeebie Juus9:09Cerebral plagueErrr, my accusations are baseless I guess.9:09LMGVagabondLike, nothing but boring priests reading all day, but it's protected by a small band of badasses who are like, badass9:09OvaltinePatrolIt could be, I just never heard that before
   It's protected by being in between two militant city-states9:10LMGVagabondOh I c9:10Cerebral plagueWhy don't the city states take Jus?9:10Homosursussusdarmok and jalad at tanagra9:10OvaltinePatrolOne city makes a play, the other intervenes9:10Cerebral plagueIs it just poor resource wise?9:11LMGVagabondMaybe it supplies books to both of them9:11Cerebral plagueAh, so it's constantly switching sides?9:11HomosursussusShaka9:11OvaltinePatrolThey play one side against the other, and they're poorer than their neighbors in terms of resources9:11HomosursussusTemarc9:11OvaltinePatrolincluding slaves9:11HomosursussusUzani
   El-Adrel9:12LMGVagabondIT'S JUUS MBP GAH9:12OvaltinePatroland it's a convenient stop for river merchants
   El-Adrel is kind of cool9:13Cerebral plagueEl-Andrel
   Alright, I can dig it9:13LMGVagabondEl-Anndrelee9:13OvaltinePatrolthat works as well9:13LMGVagabondEll-Aanndrelee9:13HomosursussusManbearpig and TV at Best of Both Worlds part 29:13Cerebral plagueGod damn it LMG stop Jar Jar'ing this shit9:14OvaltinePatrolAbout races, do we keep it tight or open the playing field to all kinds of races?9:14Cerebral plagueHow large is the setting?9:14LMGVagabondafk9:14OvaltinePatrolWell as envisioned it was part of an "Endless World"9:14Cerebral plagueIs it the whole planet, so the area is open to a surge of silk road esque mercantile forces all rolling through9:14OvaltinePatrolso infinitely large9:14Cerebral plagueHmm, I suppose so then.9:15OvaltinePatrolme and the other creators didn't quite agree on how endless it was9:15HomosursussusPractically I'd like to stretch to include Rome at its height9:15OvaltinePatrolBif thought of it as an endlessly large piece of paper that had been crumpled and folded9:15Cerebral plagueHmm, we gotta finish the setting to attract a skilled enough designer I think9:15HomosursussusThat way we could still base it on the world and have shit beyond known territory9:15OvaltinePatrolWhere lands could be over, under, or intersect with other lands
   My mythos was simpler9:16Cerebral plagueThat's kind of cool. Did you go for his idea, or did you have your own on the concept OP?
   Or I guess I need to learn how to scroll9:16OvaltinePatrolIt was basically a pole in space, with a dragon on either end, spiraling outward forever; constantly creating more of the world behind them
   sometimes, bits of their scales would dislodge and fly off into space, becoming moons and worlds that orbit the pole9:17HomosursussusMy mythos is stealing heavily from medieval history and putting a white wash of fantasy on it
   at least to start9:17Cerebral plagueAlright, the endless world concept is pretty interesting I think.
   The sites name9:17OvaltinePatrolI do like drawing from IRL history9:18Cerebral plagueCan be whatever we name the world, that seems like a good idea.9:18HomosursussusMBP and computer at last nights Dexter9:18LMGVagabondI wanna be a minotaur
   Scratch that9:18OvaltinePatrolI almost want to rip off the title High Plains Drifter
   High Plains Drifters9:19LMGVagabondDrifters of the High Plains?9:19OvaltinePatrolthat works for me
   brb9:19Homosursussusotherwise we can't ever monetize the site without owing Eastwood royalties9:19Cerebral plagueLMG
   You gotta copy and paste this shit9:20LMGVagabondK9:20Cerebral plagueI think you have it all
   It's not letting me9:22HomosursussusOP hasn't left chat yet he's still good9:22Cerebral plagueliar9:22LMGVagabondYOU CALLING ME A LIAR?9:22OvaltinePatrolback9:22Cerebral plagueOvaltinePatrol Any suggestions? 8:59 LMGVagabond Maybe somewhere there's never
   I can copy and paste a bit9:22LMGVagabondI cannot9:23Cerebral plagueOP, you want to save what we've talked about, and put it on The Wastes wiki for the world to see/examine?9:23HomosursussusI copied from 8:489:23OvaltinePatrolhold up, I'll see if I can snag it all and put it on a Google doc9:23Homosursussusso it wont be a complete loss should OP have the same PEBKAC errors LMG had9:23LMGVagabondWhenever I right click, it makes the highlight go away9:24Homosursussusctrl x
   LMGVagabondNay9:26OvaltinePatrolI got to 9:23
   Should be good9:26Cerebral plagueYep!9:26Homosursussusyay9:27LMGVagabondPffft. Eastern Time Zone9:27Cerebral plagueCan anyone edit a google doc, or just you?9:27HomosursussusIt can be set to anyone9:27OvaltinePatrolI think it can be shared9:27Cerebral plagueI wouldn't go that route9:27HomosursussusI prefer wiki's for that kind of thing9:27Cerebral plagueBecause of CP wanting to share the concept9:28OvaltinePatrolI'm paranoid about wikis ever since I found out some company literally publishes every freaking wiki9:28Cerebral plague.....publishes?9:29HomosursussusIt'll be lost in so much useless data
   I wouldn't worry9:29OvaltinePatrolHere's an example:
   yeah, they look shitty
   But I don't know what it might do to our IP rights9:30Cerebral plagueSo, you could have TL published?
   That's kind of funky, not going to lie.9:30OvaltinePatrolYeah, their format is retarded though9:30Cerebral plague54 pages for 19.99?9:30OvaltinePatrolthey remove all the pictures then otherwise publish it straight without any real editing9:30Cerebral plagueWHAT9:31OvaltinePatrolthat's what I hear9:31HomosursussusDoesn't look like anyone's buying them either9:31Cerebral plagueI don't see the appeal honestly
   Anyway9:31OvaltinePatrolso wikis with a lot of idiots will have books with tons of typos
   there's no appeal as far as I know
   this might be copyright trolling or something9:32Cerebral plagueLet me order this book off amazon which is more expensive than the actual guide book the game makers want to sell me with pictures9:32OvaltinePatroltrololol
   Save that MSPaint map if you want, I'll probably remove it from the wiki later because it'll be ugly clutter9:33Cerebral plaguesaved
   Like, already done9:34OvaltinePatrolcool9:34Cerebral plagueAnyway, let me go see if that graphic design forum isn't horrifically ugly9:34OvaltinePatrollink please
   I want to lurk9:35Cerebral plague
   They have some legitimately pretty stuff
   I'm not sure if that's not just them luring you in with the creators handywork9:36OvaltinePatrolhow did you find this?9:36Cerebral plagueA lot of it doesn't strike me as well done
   Me and Zil and Run and the gang
   like a year ago
   Searched for a possible guide
   and I remembered some of the sites
   This is the only one still active
   not sure who found it9:38OvaltinePatrolHm. Anything particular catch your eye? I'm mostly finding duds9:38Cerebral plagueYou have to log in for a lot
   I saw some sort of jungle landscape skin
   let me go find that
   ....god damn this navigation style9:41OvaltinePatrolfont color on background is not easy on the eye
   They have a user named Hinchman
   alternate universe Henchman?9:42LMGVagabond
   I love books
   And the shadowy underbelly of wika book publishing9:43OvaltinePatrolbwahaha
   So these people just make forum graphics
   this is oddly specific9:46Cerebral plagueOk
   So the jungle thing is missing
   It's tittle was literally Amazon
   And now it's gone IDK, the quality varies a lot.
   A lot of it falls on the uber simple side of things
   rather than the zany The Wastes background that I thought was more common9:47LMGVagabondWhere is that giant gaping hole, anyway?9:48OvaltinePatrolNow what is this site?
   Is this just a graphics sample?9:49Cerebral plagueIt's an example
   Yeah, a sample9:49OvaltinePatrolwhat do you like about this?9:50Cerebral plagueI am trying to show you some of the log in goods
   Not much honestly, the site seems kind of poor at show casing Skins9:50OvaltinePatrolI personally wouldn't want something so dark.
   Maybe we should think of colors and such.9:51LMGVagabondRed, yellow, and orange, yaws9:51OvaltinePatrolWarm colors I think9:51Cerebral plagueSomething with a desert tone, or more of a vibrant tinge for the fantasy setting?
   Alright, alright9:52OvaltinePatrolDesert works for me9:53Cerebral plagueIt seems to me, like the majority of people skinning
   Aren't quite as good as the people in the legend section, who are going for a primarily signature esque vibe
   Real simple banner stuff9:54OvaltinePatrolIronically a forum may be the worst way to present all this forum-oriented stuff Shadowplay has
   This is fucking cumbersome to navigate9:55Cerebral plagueIt really is
   A lot of these blends remind me of Harper's visual blender thing
   Where she took a zillion photos from Americas Next Top Model
   And blended them together to make it unrecognizable9:57OvaltinePatrolugh9:57Cerebral plagueYeaaah
   I'm going to look for someplace else
   google help me now9:59LMGVagabondk10:00Cerebral plagueAccess denied?
   What, why do I have to sign in for everything.10:00OvaltinePatrolApparently some sites charge for skins
   no thank you10:01HomosursussusOP you have the google docs up10:02OvaltinePatrolI'll need to reopen10:02Cerebral plagueIt's already 10?
   Damn you teenage graphic artists
   get yer shit together10:03OvaltinePatrolI'm there, what do you need MBP?10:04HomosursussusI was just making sure we have an archive copy10:04OvaltinePatrolyou want me to send it to you?10:04HomosursussusI'm good for right now I'll want to look at it before the next meeting
   We have this and PIP afterall10:05OvaltinePatrolPIP?10:05HomosursussusPacific Island Prison10:05OvaltinePatrolThis is news to me10:06HomosursussusReally?10:06OvaltinePatrolI don't remember anyone mentioning this10:07HomosursussusYou must have missed the thread where we voted on the location
   oh well10:09OvaltinePatrolInteresting
   I imagine there was more info on another thread10:09HomosursussusThat's another site me and CP have in development10:09OvaltinePatrolor was it mostly chat10:09Homosursussusch
   at probably10:10OvaltinePatrolI should probably update the log

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