Now, let's get down to business, before you have your characters blasting from Florida to Texas with no storytelling.

Characters must travel from place to place semi-realistically. This means that if your traveling from one place to another, you need to show passage of time and explain your journey. Yeah, I know, I know, you want your characters to flip throughout the entire wasteland rapid-fire. Well it doesn't work that way.

Your going to need to keep your characters general location in mind at all times. It may be helpful to keep tabs on your character in YOUR character's database topic.(That is, if your character was just in Alabama, he shouldn't suddenly be making friends in Mississippi without any explanation.)

While relatively short distances can be explained by a post in your next mission, any long treks will probably require their own separate mission. (So let's say you're in Georgia. If you want to head over to Louisiana your probably going to have to start a new topic, telling the story of your journey.)

The only exception of course, is a forum wide event. Obviously, most of these events are going to be set in one specific town or region. If you want to participate, it is allowed, and assumed, that everyone's character, regardless of distance away from the event, will arrive within a few days of each other. Afterward, by the same merit, it is assumed that after the event your characters can return to your starting location very quickly.