Welcome to the Wastes Wiki Fanon Section,
This section is for the creation of fanon in the Wastes game universe.
These articles may or may not be used by writers in the game setting.

By now you've hopefully gotten a feel for how the Wastes and Fallout differ from one another. Its not a huge difference but one that begins with small changes that grow larger and larger as time goes on. The chief thing of importance with Wastes content is that it needs to breathe character. This is material that may be used for fleshing out the larger writing area and it needs to be helpful for our players. Assault rifles and power armor don't make something interesting, you want relateable characters and logical settings. So don't make raiders, make men who raid, the difference is subtle but it couldn't matter more for the Wastes.

The entire game setting is massive and its impossible for our writers to fill every little nook and cranny. When you consider that most of our content takes place in Texas it means that most of the game world is undefined and a bit overwhelming for perspective writers. This is where fanon comes in, helpful suggestions for what might lurk behind that hill. These could be places you meant to visit with your character but never quite made it out to see or just concepts that you didn't want to write entire RPs to set up.

Remember to stick to Wastes style guides. For the most part your country groups are dealing with tier 1 and 2 equipment while you may rarely see higher tier in densely packed and better developed urban areas. Upper tier content is so rare it might as well be mythological unless you're a major faction. As a side note, given the importance of major factions any articles relating to them will be subject to heavy scrutiny. It may seem harsh but our commitment to quality is what puts us above any other fallout related fanon wiki.